Warming herbal soup (ginseng soup) ¥600 (tax included) [VEGAN]

Warming herbal soup (ginseng soup) is composed of four herbal medicines: ginseng, dried ginger, licorice, and baijiu. Ginseng has an immune-enhancing effect, while dried ginger and licorice warm the stomach and relieve coldness. Dried ginger is made by steaming and heating “hot ginger” to warm the stomach and relieve coldness, while ginger warms the body surface and has a sweating effect.

・No five pungent roots (leeks, chives, garlic, and rakkyo).

・Eggs and dairy products are not used.

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Content : Ginseng, Dried ginger, Licorice, and Baijiu.

*Some contents  are subject to change depending on availability.

Container size: 11.2cm×11.2cm×8.4cm


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