Budget bento with veggie rolls ¥864 (tax included) [VEGAN]

Crispy, fiber-rich vegetables are rolled with slices of okara konnyaku (soy pulp konjac) and baked while tossed in a special sauce. The meat-like texture is very satisfying!

・No five pungent roots (leeks, chives, garlic, and rakkyo).

・Eggs and dairy products are not used.

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Content 【Rice】

White rice or millet rice :  Approx. 130g


<Main dish>

Veggie rolls (okara konnyaku)

<Side dish>

Steamed vegetables / mushrooms and paprika fried with veggie oyster sauce / deep-fried tofu and kikurage mushroom / lemon-pickled tomatoes / homemade sauce / radish sprouts / corn / cucumber slices / pickled purple cabbage

*Side dishes are subject to change depending on availability.

Container Size 20cm×20cm×3.5cm  Approx. 1,200ml
Accessory Disposable chopsticks / paper hand towel / toothpick



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